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Class 13

Teacher: Mrs Park

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kimber

Class 14

Teacher: Mr Brock

Teaching Assistant: Miss Fisher


Class 15 

Teacher: Miss Bragg

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hackman

PGL - BARTON HALL - 24 - 28 APRIL 2023



Please see below for your child's PE timetable for Term 4.

  • Class 13

Indoor - Tuesday 

Outdoor - Thursday

  • Class 14

Indoor - Monday

Outdoor - Wednesday

  • Class 15

Indoor - Thursday

Outdoor - Wednesday

Your child's PE kit should be stored in a drawstring bag and should include black shorts, black jogging bottoms, a t-shirt in their house team colour, black plimsolls/daps for indoor use and trainers for outdoor use.

We recommend that your child's PE kit stays in school all week (in case of unforeseen changes to PE lessons) and is taken home on a Friday, or at the end of term, to be washed.  


  • Reading - The children need to read 5 times across the week and record this in their reading record.
  • Spelling - The children need to practice their spellings 5 times across the week in their homework book (1 column per practise). Play the spelling game here
  • Maths - Play on TTRockstars at least 3 times across the week for approximately 10 minutes. If for some reason you cannot log in to TTRockstars, practise your times tables in your homework book and let your teacher know.

All children have been given their TTRockstars and Purple Mash login details. If you are having trouble logging on, please speak to your class teacher.

Homework Guidance 

Spellings homework:

Please encourage your child to copy out and learn each week's spellings each day, for a total of 5 days every week. There are lots of suggested spelling strategies in their homework books. Spellings are set on a Monday and tested the following Monday morning, so children have one week to learn their words.

Please click below to open this term's spellings:

Term 1 Spellings

Please click the link below for the recommended Year 3/4 spellings list:

Year 3/4 spelling word list

Reading homework:

Please encourage your child to read at least 5 times each week, to an adult where possible, and record this in their yellow reading record. Click on the link below to view some questions that you could use to initiate a discussion with your child about what they have read.

Reading Questions  

Maths homework:

Please practice your times tables 3 times every week by using Times Tables Rockstars to help you. If you do not wish to play this game, you can practice your times tables in your homework book instead. Please remember, this is a part of Year 4 homework and should be completed every week. 

Scroll to the bottom of this page to find more information about the Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check.

PSHE & RSE education 

Term 3 knowledge organiser



Year 4 pupils attend swimming lessons at The Highworth Rec on Tuesday afternoons. Each class will have 6 weeks of lessons, on the dates listed below. 

On swimming days school uniform should be worn as normal. Your child will need to bring in a separate bag: swimming costume/swimming shorts, towel, carrier bag for their wet costume, hairbrush/comb and something to tie back long hair. If your child has a verruca(s), a pair of verruca socks must be worn during the swimming lesson. 

If you are interested in becoming a parent volunteer for your child’s class during swimming lessons, please inform the school office. 


Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check

Between 5-23rd June 2023, Year 4 pupils will take part in a 'Multiplication Tables Check' practise. Please watch the short video below then read on to help you understand how your child participates in these checks.

Click here to watch a short government video about the check (filmed before the pandemic - the check will take place for the first time in 2022)

Click here to read the government's guide for parents and guardians. 

How can you support your child?

Please do encourage your child to play Times Tables Rock Stars at home. All children have been given a username and password for this excellent website. The ‘Soundcheck’ option in the game is a great place to practise for the check. We love to celebrate the effort children put in to further improve their maths, at school and at home, especially those who find their times tables tricky. This demonstrates a great growth mindset and builds their overall confidence in maths.

If you do wish to practise with your child at home, you’ll find further suggested activities above, under the ‘links’ section. Even fun activities such as playing board/ card games, baking and shopping will help your child’s confidence in maths grow.

What do you need to know about the Multiplication Tables Check at Haydonleigh?

1.    We love maths - it’s an awesome subject to learn and to teach!

2.    Maths is a big subject and we appreciate there’s more to it than times tables and there’s more to times tables than learning them off by heart. However, a lot of the rich, interesting maths is all about number relationships and these are hard to fully grasp without fluent recall of the tables. For that reason, learning the times tables is fundamental – they are a key facilitator in maths - we’ve always believed this.

3.    We’re not worried about the checks and they’re not a surprise to Haydonleigh teachers. We’re already in a good place with learning the tables and the expectations are in line with the National Curriculum, so it’s business as usual for us!

4.    The checks become compulsory in June 2020 but were postponed due to COIVD. The dates of these checks are TBC.

5.    The results of the check are not published publicly, there’s no pass or fail, there’s just a score out of 25 marks. 

6.    The checks consist of 25 questions. The questions will only be multiplication and they will go up to 12×12. There’s nothing novel about the questions and they don’t require any problem solving.

7.    The checks are all about remembering the multiplication facts. That doesn’t mean we’ll forget all about the concepts, patterns, structures and relationships in multiplication. We’re going to be learning those too, partly because they go hand in hand with excellent recall.

8.    There are concerns shared in the public domain that this is “yet another test”. The government has been careful to call it a “check” and that’s what it is, a pit-stop check. The check will tell us which multiplication facts the children are not yet secure with, so we can address these in school.

9.    The questions are relatively simple, age-appropriate, and the test only takes 2½ minutes.

10.  We don’t wish the checks to be stressful for our pupils. For that reason, we will actively downplay the checks in school and won’t repeatedly refer to the checks in class. Please be supportive and refrain from referring too often to the checks at home too.

11.  As far as our pupils are concerned, when it comes to the day itself, they’re going to have the computers or tablets to rehearse their times tables. This is something we often do, especially with Times Table Rock Stars, so the children will notice little or no difference on the day.

12.  Your child will have had opportunities to practise using the software in school, so will be familiar with the format before the check itself.

13.  If you are practising with your child, remember you’re practising for the benefit of their wider maths education, not for them to just get a high score.

14.  Please be supportive of our approach -it’s important that we get behind the checks for the benefit of all our children.

Should you have any questions about the Multiplication Tables Check, please speak to your child’s class teacher.



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