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Haydonleigh Primary School

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Welcome to the 2023/2024 Year 2 page. We hope you find everything you need.

Class 7

Mrs Brown

Class 8 

Miss Parsons

Class 9 

Mrs North

Miss Ball        Miss Puntis        Mrs Vango        Miss Burkin   


Please bring in bookbags daily with the following:

Reading Record Book

Your child's school reading books

Spelling folder

Library Bus Book

There will be opportunities for your child to visit the library bus on a Tuesday (however not always on a weekly basis) and choose a library book to share with you at home.  This library book must be kept inside their book bags and kept in good condition so when we do have the opportunity to visit the library bus we can change this book.



Spellings will be tested on a Monday. Your child’s termly spelling sheet will be sent home in a folder.  These spelling folders need to be kept inside your child’s book bag at all times.  The children will complete their spelling test in a book, which will remain in school, but we will write a score underneath each week’s column, on the spelling sheet, so you know how your child has done. Also after the test on the Monday, we will highlight pink any incorrect spellings so you can practise these words again with your child at home. 

Term 1 spellings

Term 2 spellings 

Term 3 spellings

Term 4 spellings 

Term 5 spellings

Term 6 spellings


Reading Books

Each week your child will have the opportunity to change their school reading books on a Wednesday. When you read with your child at home please remember to write in their reading record book as this will help us to know if your child’s book needs changing. 

Children are expected to read at least 3 times a week and record it in their reading journals. 

PE Timetable

Class 7 -  Tuesday and Wednesday

Class 8 - Tuesday and Wednesday

Class 9 - Tuesday and Wednesday


Useful resources to use: 

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