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School Awards

Swindon schools mental health award

Modeshift Award Ceremony

Bristol 27 November 2018 - School of the Region 2019 award 

Swindon Schools Mental Health Award 

Food for Life

Food for Life presentation of the Gold Award November 2017

We were successful in renewing the Food for Life award and was presented the award by Jeanette Orrey.  The presentation was attended by Justin Tomlinson MP in November 2017.


Haydonleigh school has recently achieved the Gold Award. Through the scheme, children develop their awareness of where food comes from, gardening skills, cooking skills and knowledge of farms.  We work towards serving healthy school meals and much more. Children develop a wealth of practical experiences that they can share with their families and the wider community.   


Press release from Tuesday 30 September 2014


Swindon schools rewarded for great food culture at South West award ceremony


On Tuesday, schools across the South West who have transformed their food culture by serving healthy, fresh meals whilst providing pupils with the opportunity to cook, grow and visit farms, were celebrated at the Food for Life Partnership’s School Award ceremony.

Jeanette Orrey MBE, former dinner lady and Food for Life Partnership (FFLP) co-founder, presented awards to two Swindon schools, as well as to schools from Bristol and Poole. Westlea Primary School received both their bronze and silver award, whilst Haydonleigh Primary received the programme’s highest accolade, their gold FFLP award.

Collecting Westlea’s awards, Sarah Sumner said, “I feel that the school has been on a journey since the kitchen opened. FFLP has helped to raise standards and we continually strive to provide high quality meals which the children love. We make lunch a sociable occasion and are all very proud of having achieved both awards within 18 months of each other”.

Haydonleigh Primary’s head teacher Frances Billinge says the school is fully committed to the programme. “FFLP is our way of life. We are delighted to be here today and Maddy and Alex are so proud to be able to share their FFLP experiences with everyone here.”

Alex, aged 11 years, said “The quality of the cooking at our school is amazing and I enjoy school dinners regularly”.

Maddy, aged 10 years, said “Our grandparent gardeners are inspiring - they give you tips to have your own gardening patch at home”.

Cllr Fionuala Foley, Swindon Borough Council Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said: “We’re delighted these Swindon schools have been recognized with these awards. Encouraging children to eat fresh, healthy food from an early age is really important, and showing them both the origins of food and how to cook plays a vital role in this. Evidence shows this not only benefits children’s health and wellbeing, but also has a positive impact on their behaviour, attention and attainment in the classroom. Through funding from the Swindon Healthy Schools Programme, the schools have supported staff training in cooking, farm visits, cookery classes and developed an overall healthy food culture. These accolades bear testimony to the schools’ hard work and commitment to successfully implement the Food for Life Partnership initiative – many congratulations to all involved.”


Further Awards details to follow:


LACA South West Primary/Special School Catering Team of the Year 2016

LACA National Awards for Excellence 2016

National Modeshift Awards

Tuesday 6 October 2015 Mrs Yockney and three Travel Ambassadors attended the National Modeshift Awards in London. The girls delivered an impressive presentation, to a hundred delegates, about the events and competitions run at Haydonleigh to promote sustainable travel to school. The wonderful day was rounded off with an award ceremony, Haydonleigh collected their Gold Modeshift Award, which was expected. However, as well as this Haydonleigh scooped up the South West Region Modeshift Best School Award and also the South West Region Modeshift pupil Award.




We celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight
We celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight
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