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Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Language

We are Linguists


At Haydonleigh, the intention of the Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) curriculum Is that all children are taught, in enjoyable and stimulating ways, so that they will:

  • Develop curiosity about all languages
  • Develop confidence and creativity within their target language (French)
  • Embed and build upon the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Use and apply these skills in a variety of contexts
  • Appreciate the diversity of cultures that exist in today’s world and empathise with other cultural identities.
  • Develop an awareness of their own cultural identity, understanding their place within the wider world.
  • Lay the foundations for future language learning.


  • Children progressively acquire, use and apply a range of vocabulary based on age- appropriate topics. Each topic is taught discretely in one 30 – 40-minute lesson each week
  • Basic greetings are introduced and rehearsed during registration and vocabulary is revisited in 5-minute burst across the week.
  • Throughout Key Stage 2, children use four key language learning skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Stories, games, songs, rhymes, role play and interactive websites are used to aid teaching and learning of these skills.
  • Early learning within each unit starts at basic noun and article level and teaches the children how to formulate short phrase. As they move through each unit, they are challenged to develop simple and then more complex sentences. In years 5 and 6, they are exposed to longer texts.
  • Children develop their sentence level skills by following good quality models. As they build sentences, they also develop their knowledge and awareness of required and appropriate grammar concepts. Grammar will be taught in all units with the appropriate level of challenge.
  • As children become more confident in the pronunciation of words, spelling Is examined more closely and comparisons are made with their own language. Children are encouraged to discuss the similarities and differences in spellings, and anything they find surprising or puzzling.


  • Children acquire vocabulary and use it to develop noun phrases. They will listen to and respond to questions, giving personal responses based on good sentence models and grammatical knowledge.
  • Children read and understand increasingly complex sentences, linking their ideas using conjunctions. They will share factual information and justify their own views and opinions.
  • Children write increasingly complex sentences, linking their ideas using conjunctions. They will share factual information and justify their own views and opinions.
  • Children begin to develop an awareness of spelling patterns within their target language
  • Children become confident linguists and acquire transferrable skills, so that they are ready to learn any language they may encounter in the wider world.
  • Children show curiosity about different languages and cultures, asking questions about why a words and sentences are structured the way they are, and how this differs from their own language.

French coverage across the school - click here

French Roadmap - click here

French Knowledge Organisers - click on the table below to view

EYFS Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Term 1 Moi (All About Me)

La Rentree

(Back to School)

En route pour l'ecole (On the Way to School)

Notre Ecole

(Our School)

Term 2

Jeux et Chansons

(Games & Songs)

L'Argent de Poche (Pocket Money) En route pour l'ecole (On the Way to School)

Notre Ecole 

(Our School)

Term 3

On fait le fete


Raconte moi une histoire (Tell me a Story)

Les Planetes

(The Planets)

Notre Monde

(Our World)

Term 4 Portraits Vive le Sport (Long Live Sport)

Les Planetes 

(The Planets)

Notre Monde 

(Our World)

Term 5

Les quatre Amis

(The Four Friends)

Les Carnival des Animaux (Carnival of the Animals) Bon Appetit M Lapin (Enjoy you Food Mr Rabbit)

Au Parc d'attractions

(At the Amusement Park)

Term 6

Ca Pousee!


Quel temps fait il?

(What's the Weather?)

Bon Appetit M Lapin  (Enjoy you Food Mr Rabbit)


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