Message from our Head Teacher

Welcome to Haydonleigh Primary School’s website and to a school where ‘I am talented, together we are amazing’ underpins our philosophy.

We provide a secure and happy environment where the work is varied and challenging and every child and adult is valued. We set the children and ourselves high standards to enable every child to develop his or her potential to the full and become confident learners.

All parents are very welcome at Haydonleigh, and we see home and school working together as very important for your child.

Our website will give you a flavour of our school’s aims, the activities that the children are involved in, the achievements that we have gained and the wealth of memorable experiences that the children encounter.

I hope you enjoy the website and if you'd like to visit the school, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Frances Billinge

I am talented, together we are amazing !

National Curriculum 

haydonleigh curriculum

Our school is committed to working in partnership. We aim for pupils, parents, guardians and staff to share our school values of creativity, respect, responsibility, enthusiasm and unity.

We believe in nurturing individual skills and working in partnership to enable everyone to meet their full potential. This is reflected in our school motto, ‘I am talented; together we are amazing!’ We encourage our children to practise our school values through the broad and balanced Haydonleigh curriculum. 

We ensure this happens by providing a safe, happy and caring environment where children have every opportunity to access the substance of education: the curriculum. 

Click to here to read our Curriculum Rationale leaflet 

Haydonleigh Curriculum Drivers

Our school values form the basis of everything we do and how we behave in and around school, from Foundation Stage to Year 6. We work together to ensure our school values drive our curriculum in all aspects of school life. Every opportunity is given to ensure Creativity, Respect, Responsibility, Enthusiasm and Unity are at the heart of learning. These values also support the teaching of British Values and SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural education). 

Haydonleigh Curriculum Maps

Please use the following links to find further details of our curriculum organisation, both across the whole school and by individual year groups.

FS Curriculum Map Website

Y1 Curriculum Map website

Y2 Curriculum Map website

Y3 Curriculum Map website

Y4 Curriculum Map website

Y5 Curriculum Map website

Y6 Curriculum Map website 

national provision

The National Curriculum (2014) statutory requirements for each Year Group are mapped by core and non-core subject. The documents show the statutory areas that the children must be taught by year group for the core subjects (English, Maths and Science) and non-core. All non-core subjects are organised by Key Stage.

We use the statutory documents for planning our school curriculum.

For the link to the Statutory National Curriculum please press here.

  • Curriculum rationale statement 

These curriculum maps will give you an overview of what will be taught at Haydonleigh.


Click here to download a  Parent's Guide to the Primary Curriculum

    Haydonleigh Curriculum Provision