Haydonleigh Primary School

Haydonleigh Primary School

I am talented, together we are amazing !

Haydon Court Drive, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN25 1JP





Head Teacher Mrs F Billinge

Deputy Head
Mrs S Peapell

Teaching Staff
Year 6
Miss K Bragg Class 21
Miss S Walters Class 20
Mrs V Rochester Class 19
Year 5
Mr S English Class 18
Mrs L Codling/Mrs Kirk Class 17
Miss S Kettlewell Class 16
Year 4
Mrs J Wojewodka Class 15
Mrs S Treviss Class 14
Mrs S Park Class 13
Year 3
Miss S Glasspole Class 12
Miss P van den Daele/Mrs D Graham Class 11
Mr A Brock Class 10
Year 2
Mrs Small/Mrs Walters Class 9
Miss A Parsons Class 8
Miss K Osbourne Class 7

Year 1

Mrs M Brown Class 6
Mrs Shea/Mrs Sanghera Class 5
Miss K Marland Class 4
Foundation Stage
Mrs N Edds Ducklings
Mrs R Muckleston Robins
Mrs H Steward Robins
Miss S Griffiths Puffins

Non-class based
Mrs V Mace

Teaching Assistants
Year 6
Mrs T Titcombe
Mrs E Greenfield
Miss J Fusco
Mrs R King
Year 5
Mrs L Swindall
Mrs D Yockney
Mrs K Hackman
Year 4
Mrs  N Early
Mrs T Coutts
Mrs L Fry
Mrs E Thompson
Year 3
Mrs S Lacey
Miss S Fisher


Mrs T Ainsworth


Mrs P Kimber
Year 2
Mrs S Franklin
Mrs S Small
Miss J Smith
Mrs N Khan
Mrs L Buckett
Mrs N Holmes
Year 1
Mrs B Ravenscroft
Mrs M Viryani
Miss L Puntis
Miss S Pallett
Miss J Burkin
FS/Year 1
Foundation Stage
Mrs F Horan
Miss S Morgan
Mrs K Coogan
Mrs M Harper

Inclusion Manager
Miss D Peart

Mrs L Lovell

Pastoral & Intervention
Mrs L Workman

Site Manager
Mr D Harvey

School Office Staff
Mrs S Heath School Business Manager
Mrs T Pickering Pupil Services Manager
Ms P Jordan Finance Assistant
Mrs E Wheatley Marketing and Office Supervisor

Catering Staff
Mrs K McFadyen Kitchen Manager
Mrs S Whetham Kitchen Assistant Supervisor
Mrs S Read Assistant Cook
Mrs M Clemm Kitchen Assistant
Mrs M Ray-Priest Kitchen Assistant
Mrs L Smith Kitchen Assistant



Miss J Smith 
Mrs E Buckett
Miss T Waldron
Mrs J Chapman
Mrs M Viryani
Mrs A Zsiros Omar
Miss J  Burkin
Mrs T Fairchild
Mrs R King
Mrs K Coogan
Mrs M Harper
Mrs C McLoughlin
Mrs C Ferry
Mrs K Eustice
Mrs P Kimber 
Ms C Mather
Mrs D Maundrell

Breakfast Club
Mrs B Renard
Mrs L Smith
Mrs L Swindall
Mrs K McFadyen Manager
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