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Year 3 have PE on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please ensure you wear PE kit into school on these days.



During Year 3 we build greater independence and responsibility in our pupils. This is promoted through a number of activities and additional responsibilities, including weekly homework. Should children not complete their weekly homework as detailed below, they are supervised during a breaktime to complete 5 minutes of the missing activity/ activities each week.  This is to encourage good fluency in reading, maths, spellings and build homework habits for their educational journey. Please ask your child's teacher should you have any queries about their homework:

  • School reading books - All Year 3 pupils are encouraged to read at home 3 x per week for at least 10 minutes.
    Yellow reading records should be brought into school every Monday to be checked (although we encourage children to bring them in daily to keep their current reading book up to date).
    Children should record their 3 reads in their yellow Reading Record with the relevant dates noted.
    We ask parents/guardians please to sign/initial their children's yellow reading records at least 3 x per week to acknowledge they have read at home.
    During Year 3 pupils will bring home a 'coloured reading band' book (to read for their homework) and a library bus book (to read for pleasure).
    Children must bring in their books every Monday, but can bring them in on any school day to swap books when they have read the entire book. Children will choose their new books themselves, with an adult checking the suitability of their selection. 
    Should pupils not complete their reading homework as detailed above, with 3 dated entries and 3 parental signatures, they are supervised to read in class for 5 minutes of their breaktime each week.
  • Maths- Log on to Times Table Rock Stars and play at least 3 sessions every week for a minimum of 10 minutes on each occasion (https://ttrockstars.com/)
    Times Table Rock Stars activity will be checked every Monday.

    Completing this times table practice will help prepare your child for the maths curriculum in future years, and builds accuracy and fluency.

    Should pupils not complete 3 x sessions for 10 minutes + weekly, they will be supervised to complete a times table activity for 5 minutes of their breaktime each week. 
  • Spellings- Children should copy out weekly spellings 5 x every week in spelling books, ready for a Monday spelling test. 
    Children will be told their spelling scores to build their independence and self-reflectiveness.
    Please discuss your child's score with them. Please ask your child's teacher if you wish to clarify any scores.
    Any ongoing concerns regarding pupils' spelling scores will be discussed with parents. 
    Children do not need to bring their spelling practice books into school. These can be kept at home.

Additional homework guidance

The children will be given spelling sheets to bring home at the start of each term. Homework will be explained, discussed, reviewed and celebrated in class on a weekly basis. Under each subject heading below are further details of weekly homework tasks set for pupils in Year 3.

Spellings homework

Please encourage your child to copy out and learn this week's spellings each day, for a total of 5 days every week. You'll find lots of suggested spelling strategies in their homework books. Spellings are set on a Monday and tested the following Monday morning, so children have one week to learn their words. Some children may have individual spellings to learn, which will be different from the sheets below. Please ask their class teacher if your child has misplaced their sheet and they'll be happy to give you another copy. Please click below to open the main class spellings below:

Year 3/4 spelling word list can be found here.

Reading homework 

Please encourage your child to read their school reading book at least 3 times each week for 10 minutes, to an adult where possible, and record this in their yellow Reading Record. If at home they finish their school reading book, please encourage them to read a book of their own choosing instead.

Maths homework

Please practice times tables 3 times every week by using the Times Tables Rockstars games (https://ttrockstars.com/). This will help your child to build their fluency and recall in maths. In Year 4, pupils will participate in the government's 'Multiplication Tables Check', so playing Times Tables Rockstars will help to build your child's confidence in preparation for the journey ahead. If you do not wish to play the game suggested, you can practise your times tables in your homework book. Please remember, this is part of the Year 3 homework and should be completed every week. 

You may also want to use these fortune tellers to help you learn your times tables:

2 x tables Fortune Tellers

3 times tables Fortune Tellers

4 times table Fortune Teller

5 times tables Fortune Teller

8 times tables Fortune Teller

10 times tables Fortune Teller

Suggested Website for Mental Maths:

Top Marks Times Table Games

Useful websites below:
Click here to look at the maths games and activities on the Woodlands School Site

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