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The Department for Education’s has changed the guidance on holidays in term time. The amendments make clear that Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances and that it is for Headteachers to decide what those exceptional circumstances are.  For example, where there has been a family bereavement.*


Should a parent decide to take any leave of absence in term time, this will be unauthorised and a penalty notice may be issued. From September 2013, penalty notices amount to £60 per parent, per child for unauthorised periods of absence and must be paid within 21 days or this will increase to £120 within 28 days


Please put any requests for absence during term time, that are exceptional circumstances, in an email and send to office@haydonleighschool.co.uk. 


Regular and punctual attendance is vital to your child's education and progress. We monitor attendance closely.   


Every day counts! Click here to see how lost days add up!   


*Announcement from the DfE on 26th October 2014 in response to recent news items: 

  • Term-time holidays should only be granted in exceptional circumstances.
  • There is no plan at all to change the policy & no u-turn.
  • Headteachers have always been able to decide what exceptional circumstances are. 


Click here to download Haydonleigh Primary School's Attendance Policy 

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