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Helping your child back to school

14 July 2020 (by admin2 (Office Administrator))

It is important to encourage your child to discuss their feelings about returning to school.

Here is some guidance to help you and your child prepare for coming back to school on Tuesday 1st September.

1. Talk to them about how they feel

If they feel anxious or worried, help your child understand this is perfectly normal and that you and their teachers are there to support them.

Talk about the positives of going back to school. Ask your child what they are looking forward to doing when they go back; who are they looking forward to playing with; what else do they enjoy doing at school. 

If your child is feeling anxious or worried explain to them that this is ok and lots of other children will be feeling this too. 

Although difficult, try not to share any anxieties you may have with them. Remember you don’t have to fix this for them, just be there and let them know you understand.

2. Be prepared… 

Make sure you have checked what they need to (and what not to) bring to school, in order to make your child’s day easier. 

To avoid any stress on the first day back make sure your child’s school uniform is ready.

Remind the children of your morning routines and journey to school to ensure you arrive on time. 

Make sure your child understands that you will have to drop them off quickly – a hug, a goodbye and straight into the classroom. 

If your child is a little upset, please ensure your drop off and goodbye is quick. It’s tough we know, but please trust that we will take care of them and they will be fine.

3. Make sure they understand the rules 

Reassure your child that not everything will be different; the staff, building and some routines will still be familiar. 

Read the Back to School ebook together – talk about worries, focus on the things to look forward to. 

It will be important for your child to understand social distancing. This potentially includes being distanced from friends or siblings throughout their school day, which may be hard to understand but important to accept. 

Ensure your child knows and understands the importance of hand hygiene rules and, importantly, why they are in place.  

4. And make sure you know the rules too 

Make sure you read all school communications so that you and your child are prepared. 

It will be important for your child – that you know where and when to drop them off and pick them up. 

Your child will be eagerly expecting you at collection time, so make sure you, or whoever is collecting them, are there for them, in the right place at the right time.

5. Be mindful, be fair 

For many children, a school day can require a lot of self-regulation, which can lead to tired and emotional outbursts later on in the day. Given the length of the lockdown and the new school safety rules in place, these emotions may be hard to cope with when they return. 

It is a good idea to keep this in mind, and allow for some ‘letting off steam’. Your instinct may be to ask about their day, but be aware that your child may prefer to simply unwind.

6. And get some rest...

Your family may have been getting used to some rather unusual hours during lockdown, given the restrictions on their lifestyle over the past 10 weeks. 

Make sure they are getting a good night’s sleep for their return to school. It might mean introducing some earlier bedtimes than they have had recently, but a good night’s rest will help them cope with the return to school and the new routines they will be adapting to. 

We are busy getting the school ready for your child’s return to learning and really looking forward to seeing your smiling face again. 

See you in September!