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Play Leaders

Play Leaders

In Year 5, children can volunteer to be a Play Leader one or two lunchtimes a week helping organise a variety of games and activities for KS1 children.

It helps Y5 children grow their self-esteem, give them a sense of responsibility and be excellent role models for the younger children. A good Play Leader is reliable, a good communicator, fair minded but above all, fun to be around.  

Play Leaders help younger children to socialise, use their imagination and play a wide range of games. They also look after anyone who is feeling lonely, shy or upset.

Play Leaders are run who is there to help organise and oversee the smooth running of this scheme.

The Play Leaders are given packs full of ideas for games to play with the children. Each time they play, they collect ‘points’ towards a bronze, silver and gold award.

Once a term, the play leaders will have a meeting with Mrs Waldron where they can voice their opinion and share ideas on how to improve play leading, any concerns they may have and any if there is anything else they would like to share. It is also an opportunity for Mrs Waldron to say thank you for their hard work, enthusiasm and help.

Play Leaders play an important part in ensuring our youngest children are able to enjoy active and happy lunchtimes.

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