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Munch Monitors

Munch Monitors

At Haydonleigh, as part of our Citizenship education, and to help children develop the skills of communication, timekeeping, prioritisation and organisation, Year 5 children take on the responsibility of Munch Monitor.  


Having this responsibility helps further develop their confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills. Munch Monitors set a good example as role models to others.


Our children tell us they enjoy the responsibility and helping younger children.

Here are some quotes from Y6 children:


“I was delighted to be a Munch Monitor because I was able to help little people with their lunches. It feels good to be a role model”.

“I enjoyed helping because I learned that the harder you work the better the reward”.

“Team work can be better than one person”.

“I was enthralled to be a Munch Monitor as it was a please to meet people I had never even seen before”.

“I liked munch monitoring because you were trusted with a large responsibility”.

“Being a Munch Monitor gave me an opportunity to be a good role model and allowed me to have more responsibilities”.

“When I was in the small hall, I got to meet the adorable reception children”.

“Being a Munch Monitor allowed me to work as a team and be respected as a trusted individual”.


Munch Monitors have responsibility for a range of jobs and these vary each week.

They include:


  • Collecting trays
  • Serving water
  • Helping to tidy the hall
  • Collecting younger children


Click here for the Munch Monitor handbook


Mrs Waldron, our Senior Lunch Time Supervisor, has trained the children so they are effective and responsible in their roles working alongside the MDSA team.


Once a term, the Munch Monitors will have a treat as a huge thank you for their help.

This is also an opportunity for the Munch Monitors to discuss any problems or issues they may have and to come up with a solution together.



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