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Home Learning

Remote Education 

For the academic year 21/22, Haydonleigh will continue to provide high-quality remote education for our pupils if: 

  • they have tested positive for COVID-19 but are well enough to learn from home; or 
  • attendance at Haydonleigh has been temporarily restricted. 

Our remote education contingency policy and plan explains how we will provide education in the event of Covid related absence for: 

  1. An individual child who has tested positive
  2. Bubble closure/year group
  3. Whole school closure

Haydonleigh Remote Education contingency policy and plan

Please note that the 2EMail address is for the purpose of teacher/child communication regarding work.  All other parent queries should be directed, as usual, to the school

email address admin@haydonleighschool.co.uk


Please click on the link below to take you to your child's year group home learning page.

FS Home Learning Page

Year 1 Home Learning Page

Year 2 Home Learning Page

Year 3 Home Learning Page

Year 4 Home Learning Page

Year 5 Home Learning Page

Year 6 Home Learning Page

home activity pack

Home activity pack - ages 4-5

Home activity pack - ages 5-7

Home activity pack - ages 8-10 

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