Message from our Head Teacher

Welcome to Haydonleigh Primary School’s website and to a school where ‘I am talented, together we are amazing’ underpins our philosophy.

We provide a secure and happy environment where the work is varied and challenging and every child and adult is valued. We set the children and ourselves high standards to enable every child to develop his or her potential to the full and become confident learners.

All parents are very welcome at Haydonleigh, and we see home and school working together as very important for your child.

Our website will give you a flavour of our school’s aims, the activities that the children are involved in, the achievements that we have gained and the wealth of memorable experiences that the children encounter.

I hope you enjoy the website and if you'd like to visit the school, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Frances Billinge

I am talented, together we are amazing !

Governor Pecuniary Interest


Haydonleigh Primary School Governance
Governance Arrangements including Register of Interests 
Declaration of Business and Pecuniary Interests for Members and Governors 
NB. Members/Governors are requested to complete an annual Register of Interests form at the first 
FGB meeting of the Academic year
Name of Position  Date of  Term of office  Nature of Business  Date of Last
Member/Governor (All Trustees appointment expiry And/or or Pecuniary Declaration
  appointed for four   date of  Interest  
  years)   Leaving    
Michaela Simpson Staffing Chair 14/11/2013 01/11/2022 None 03/12/2018
  FGB Vice Chair R/A 01/11/2014      
Tanya Shea Staff Governor 01/10/2014 24/10/2022 None 11/09/2018
Kevin Young Associate Member 10/02/2016 10/02/2020 Brother in Law - 20/11/2018
  Premises     Building Contractor  
        Key Resources  
        Works in School from  
        time to time  
Sue Heath Associate Member 25/11/2008 01/11/2022 None 11/09/2018
  Finance R/A 01/11/2014      
Tracey Pickering Co-opted Governor 28/11/2002 01/11/2022 None  
  Safeguarding Gov R/A 01/11/2014     11/09/2018
  Premises Vice Chair        
Julie Gage Co-opted 10/02/2016 10/02/2020 FS4S 11/09/2018
  Staffing Vice Chair     Financial Services   
  Finance Vice Chair     for Schools  
Frances Billinge Head Teacher 01/04/2008   None 11/09/2018
Sharon Peapell Co-opted Governor 01/04/2011 01/11/2022 Friends with Tom 11/09/2018
  T&L Committee R/A 01/11/2014   White director of   
Sarah Burton Co-opted Governor 19/04/2012   None  
  Chair Finance R/A 19/04/2016 19/04/2020   11/09/2018
  Chair FGB        
  Vice Chair T&L        
Mark Ebden T&L  Chair 20/06/2017 20/06/2021 Digital Intergration - 11/09/2018
Craig Duff Parent Governor 08/11/2018 08/11/2022 Nanogreen Cleaning 04/12/2018
Premises     Director