Message from our Head Teacher

Welcome to Haydonleigh Primary School’s website and to a school where ‘I am talented, together we are amazing’ underpins our philosophy.

We provide a secure and happy environment where the work is varied and challenging and every child and adult is valued. We set the children and ourselves high standards to enable every child to develop his or her potential to the full and become confident learners.

All parents are very welcome at Haydonleigh, and we see home and school working together as very important for your child.

Our website will give you a flavour of our school’s aims, the activities that the children are involved in, the achievements that we have gained and the wealth of memorable experiences that the children encounter.

I hope you enjoy the website and if you'd like to visit the school, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Frances Billinge

I am talented, together we are amazing !

September 2015


Hands up - I've never been a big fan of Facebook.


Unless you are very aware of security settings, I've always thought that you put yourself in grave danger of being vulnerable to all sorts and don't get me started on the possibilities of young people making up fictitious dates of birth to open accounts!


However, this week I experienced the positive power of social media with the great 'nee nah / woo woo' debate. How amazing that the innocent question of an inquisitive 4 year old could go global so quickly? We really were overwhelmed by the press following and interest that ensued.


Imagine my joy that 'Our thanks to the teachers and pupils from the Robins, Puffins and Duckling classes for being so attentive to our ‘People Who Help Us’ talk, we were very impressed by your beautiful behaviour, thoughtful questions and knowledge about the police'  went global - an amazing piece of PR for the school!


We, of course, are biased and know what a GREAT school we have with children that always serve us proud. It is always satisfying to have this validated by others. Only last week, PGL staff and those staff leading other schools on the Isle of Wight recently praised our Year 6 on their exemplary attitude and behaviour!


So, on to my main point - let's keep the Facebook comments positive please. I am aware of several incidents when parents have taken to social media to rant or complain about the school. People are a little naive to think that there aren't those out there who are fiercely supportive of the work we do, who do actually tell me what the 'word on the street' is!  A recent example of this being the great lunchbox debate. As soon as we were made aware of the issue we formed a working party, with parental representation to carry out a review. The outcomes will be formally shared as soon as possible.


My simple request is... PLEASE come in and talk to us, don't vent your negatives on Facebook. We don't promise to have easy answers or solutions to every issue but we do promise to listen.


Haydonleigh is a fantastic school; let's work together to make it even better!